How can a teacher help students improve ACT or SAT scores without teaching to the test or taking time from instruction on core curriculum?

As more and more states switch to the ACT or SAT as the high school exit exam or state test for school accountability, teachers and administrators are looking for ways to show growth for all students. Unfortunately, most solutions designed for the ACT and SAT are simplified “test-prep” programs that do very little to develop lasting knowledge and understanding in ELA and math.

Teaching to the test vs. teaching for understanding.

ChalkTalk’s adaptive instructional content is aligned to state standards and focused on core ELA and math skills, such as “solving systems of linear equations with two variables” and “identifying the main idea of a History reading passage.” This is why students not only score higher on the SAT or ACT, but also report better grades in their ELA and math classes.

Only 4-6% of the ChalkTalk curriculum is dedicated to preparing students on the SAT/ACT exam format, scoring, timing, significance; and effective test-taking skills like multiple choice elimination.

Put simply, ChalkTalk does not ‘teach to the test.’ Instead, ChalkTalk helps teachers personalize their instruction in a way that engages every student and improves their understanding of ELA & math skills. Higher ACT and SAT scores are simply a byproduct of deeper learning.


Using triple-adaptive technology, ChalkTalk creates an experience similar to having a 1-to-1 tutor for each student.