It’s a fantastic tool, and ChalkTalk partnered with and listened to us to make certain it works for our children. Summit Academy – Brooklyn, NY

User Testimonials

Cheryl Lundy Swift, Principal

“It’s a one-stop shop where our teachers are able to teach our students important ELA and Math skills they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”

Lorenzo Di Benedetto, Teacher

“I really fell in love with the program. I liked it so much, that I enrolled my daughter who attends another school.”

Tyrone Figueroa, Teacher

“ChalkTalk is brilliant. I wish I had ChalkTalk when I was a student.”

John Russo, Teacher

“Not only do I teach the students, but ChalkTalk does itself.”

Malia Forrest, Student

“It’s like a second teacher. ChalkTalk makes sure that I understand a concept completely.” 

Aiddson Restrepo Yepes, Student

“After using ChalkTalk, my scores have improved a lot.”

Jason Abrigo, Student

“It’s basically my second teacher.”

Jenia Campbell, Student

“If I don’t understand something in school, I can go home on ChalkTalk and learn it now.”

Leslie, Student

“ChalkTalk shows me my strengths and weaknesses.”

Rina, Student

“I like ChalkTalk because it shows me where I need to study more.”

Derick, Student

“ChalkTalk is a resource that makes my life easier. I’m more prepared for everything that’s coming my way.”