We believe teachers.

We believe that if we listen to what teachers are trying to tell us, the best solutions for improving education aren’t the ones that promise to “revolutionize, transform, or disrupt” – they’re solutions that provide teachers with the resources and support they need to teach the way they want to teach.

After all, technology is a tool. Education is human.

At ChalkTalk, we’re helping teachers around the world discover how the most advanced technology in education isn’t one that requires hours of training or upends pedagogy – it’s technology that runs behind the scenes, amplifying instruction while nudging students along a path of continual success.



Our mission is to help every district drive literacy and numeracy outcomes in their classrooms. By providing a platform that helps amplify and personalize instruction for every student, we aim to help all teachers achieve a higher return on instruction, guiding students to a level of achievement far beyond all expectations.