Instead of ‘test prep’ or having students work in isolation as they stare at screens, ChalkTalk uses adaptive technology to amplify a teacher’s instruction for deeper learning.


ChalkTalk is the only personalized learning program that creates state standards-aligned ACT and SAT curriculum adapted for each class, and personalized for every student.

Remarkable technology for teachers.
Extraordinary results for students.

After just 15 weeks, teachers who use ChalkTalk see 2, to 6 times more growth on ACT and
SAT scores compared to their peers after a full year of traditional instruction.

An overwhelmingly positive response

Forget the hype. “Remarkable” is how teachers and students describe their ChalkTalk experience.

I really fell in love with the program. I
liked it so much, that I enrolled my
daughter who attends another school.
Teacher, Lorenzo Di Benedetto – East Boston High School, Boston, MA


35 states now require students to take the ACT or SAT, and use the tests for school accountability or as a graduation requirement. Learn how important the ACT/SAT is for your school by speaking with one of our educational consultants.


We spent over a year observing how teachers deliver effective instruction and designed ChalkTalk around their preferred instructional design.

Six reasons why you should get Chalktalk for your school:

The Ultimate Teacher’s Assistant

ChalkTalk reduces the work of scouring for good teaching content from different resources by delivering everything a teacher needs: Lesson plans, presentation slides, small group activities, and individual practice.

Intervention & Educational Equity

With ChalkTalk, all students get the help they need to achieve the highest results. Our diagnostic finds gaps in student knowledge and administers targeted ELA & Math exercises to help close these gaps.

Flexible Scheduling

ChalkTalk can be used as a standalone curriculum for College and Career prep courses, or as a supplemental curriculum for existing ELA & Math classes.

Real Time Information

ChalkTalk provides teachers and administrators with real-time information on student performance for every topic included in the ACT or SAT, and uses official ACT and SAT practice exams as placement and exit tests. This provides an accurate assessment of student growth at the completion of the program.

Designed for Teacher-led Instruction

Unlike other personalized learning programs which are self-paced and student-driven, ChalkTalk is designed around teacher-led instruction. Using adaptive technology, ChalkTalk creates a personalized learning experience for each class built on the 4-step Gradual Release model: I do. We do. You do together. You do alone.

Easy to Implement

Teachers are prepared to dive into ChalkTalk after a single, hour-long training session. Every school gets their own dedicated ChalkTalk trainer and a dedicated implementation lead. Our team is ready to answer questions and provide immediate support when your teachers need it.

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