Establish ChalkTalk pilots in high school ELA and/or Math classes for the purpose of demonstrating efficacy on test scores and course grades relative to regular instruction.


ChalkTalk will provide administrator and staff training as well as ongoing, direct support as needed at no cost to the school.


ChalkTalk will provide the school with detailed reports showing ongoing use of the program, student progress, completion rate, and a final “Impact Study” report showcasing the overall impact of the ChalkTalk pilot program.

  1. School agrees to have the participating teacher(s) attend a 1- hour online training session prior to the start date of the pilot.
  2. School agrees to implement ChalkTalk for a minimum period of 8 consecutive weeks beginning no later than Wednesday, February 20th, 2019.
  3. School will implement ChalkTalk in at least one, but no more than four classes (sections) totaling at least 25, but no more than 80 students.
  4. School agrees to use ChalkTalk at least once each week in each classroom during the pilot.
  5. School agrees to have students participating in the ChalkTalk pilot complete one placement test prior to the start of the program, and one exit test upon completion of the program.
  6. School agrees to allow ChalkTalk to create an “Impact Study” detailing the overall impact (non-specific to students) of the program for use in the company’s marketing efforts.
  7. This grant waives 100% of the software subscription fees for one semester for an unlimited number of students and teachers. Schools agree to invest a discounted one-time fee of $1,000 for implementation services, which include: 2 professional development sessions, program onboarding, chat/email/phone support, a dedicated account manager, and a detailed end-of-course impact study.