Establish ChalkTalk pilots in high school ELA and/or Math summer school classes for the purpose of demonstrating efficacy on improving student engagement and assessment results.


ChalkTalk will provide staff training and ongoing, direct support as needed at no cost to the school. Initial training requires about 45 minutes and is delivered live, online by a ChalkTalk representative. Support is delivered through live chat and email.


ChalkTalk will provide the school with detailed reports showing ongoing use of the program in order to monitor student progress and engagement. Students will complete a 3rd-party placement test at the beginning of the course, and a similar 3rd party exit test upon completion of the course. Results from the placement and exit tests will be used to generate a final “Exit Test Report” for each school detailing individual student progress, and overall improvement for all students who used ChalkTalk.


Schools who are satisfied with the performance ChalkTalk during the summer can opt to extend the pilot to one high school ELA and/or one Math class for the duration of the 2019-2020 school year. Impact studies will be provided for each school at the completion of each course.


To register your school or district for the 2019 Summer School Program Grant, complete the application form below. Once we receive your information, we will contact you to arrange a short demo and answer any questions you may have.