ChalkTalk Launches AI-Powered Content Delivery Platform for Education

ChalkTalk Launches AI-Powered Content Delivery Platform for Education

With results showing student test score improvement up to six times the national average, this education startup is poised for rapid growth.

BOSTON, MA / MARCH 19, 2019 – ChalkTalk announced today the public launch of its new blended learning platform with the mission of helping every teacher ‘teach amazing.’ ChalkTalk is a content delivery platform that uses AI to generate instructional materials for high school English Language Arts and Math classes. The underlying technology aligns publisher content to state standards, maps the content to each school’s curriculum and schedule, then adapts content to the needs of each individual student.

Results from pilot schools show significant score improvements on independent third party exams. At East Boston High School in Boston, MA, students saw an average 126-point improvement on SAT scores after 14 weeks of use. At Summit Academy in Brooklyn, NY, the average improvement in SAT scores was 112 points, and at Starkville High School in Starkville, MS, students averaged an 7-point improvement on ACT scores after just 8 weeks of use. Internationally, ChalkTalk is making waves at schools in Mexico, the Middle East, and China. ELL students at the International Academy in Amman, Jordan for example, saw an average SAT score improvement of 330 points after just 15 weeks.

“I really fell in love with the program,” said Lorenzo Di Benedetto, teacher at East Boston High School, “I liked it so much, that I enrolled my daughter who attends another school.” Cheryl Lundy Swift, Principal at Summit Academy said “It’s a one-stop shop where our teachers are able to teach our students important ELA and Math skills they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.” Student Malia Forrest from Summit Academy said “It’s like a second teacher. ChalkTalk makes sure that I understand a concept completely.”

Unlike other blended learning products which reduce the role of the teacher in the classroom, ChalkTalk is designed to amplify the teacher’s impact with students. “We spent nearly two years observing how effective teachers work,” said Mohannad Arbaji, CEO and Founder at ChalkTalk. “Instead of building another robot tutor in the cloud, we used AI to build on a teacher’s strengths, keeping them at the forefront of the classroom instructional experience. Ultimately, people learn with human-to-human interactions and ChalkTalk aims to leverage that and become the technical underpinnings of how people learn in a classroom or any other group environment.”

As an education startup, ChalkTalk is unusual in that it has secured sizable seed funding – $3 million in total which allowed the company to conduct extensive research and development before launching a private beta for 25 schools last year. ChalkTalk is an alumnus of the LearnLaunch accelerator and was recently accepted into the prestigious Amazon Web Services EdStart accelerator.

“I think companies that promise to ‘transform, disrupt, or revolutionize’ education are destined to fail,” said ChalkTalk CEO Arbaji. “We know what works. Teachers work. There’s a place for AI in the classroom, but only if it can support the teacher instead of trying to replace them. That’s why we built ChalkTalk: we close students’ learning gaps but without asking teachers to change the way they teach.”

ChalkTalk is a remarkable new content delivery platform that helps every teacher ‘teach amazing.’ Using fully-adaptive technology, ChalkTalk generates personalized curriculum for high school English Language Arts and Math classes that has shown to dramatically improve student learning outcomes, including state test scores, course grades, and college entrance exams.