Andrew Cuomo & “Reimagining Education” in New York

Choosing Education as My Life’s Mission My father grew up in a refugee camp wearing underwear my grandmother sewed together from UN donation rice bags and using street lamps to study at night. Through education and scholarships, he became a physician and ultimately worked his way up to become the Secretary-General of Healthcare of Jordan. I […]

ChalkTalk’s Response to COVID-19 and the New Distance Learning Reality

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to swiftly evolve and reshape almost every aspect of our lives; schools, teachers, students, and parents are all facing enormous impacts. Here’s how I see things changing in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, and how ChalkTalk is planning to respond: Stage I – Ad-Hoc Enrichment: This is […]

Peoria High School

Students who used ChalkTalk for this “English-only implementation” improved their ACT English score by an average of 3 points–2.7x more than the national average score improvement in only 23% of the time.