Learning Styles Won’t Improve Student Outcomes Because They Don’t Exist

Imagine you’re observing two geometry teachers in your school’s math department. You need to assess the teachers’ use of evidence-based lessons and how the students are engaged with the learning. Both geometry teachers are covering how to apply common formulas to a real-world construction project. In the first classroom, the students are divided into three […]

Districts Using Chalktalk in High Schools See Jump Greater Than 2X on Test Scores. Chalktalk Expands to K-12, Sustains Gains.

BROOKLYN, NY / AUGUST 3, 2022 — ChalkTalk has just published its latest round of impact studies, featuring its first ever multi-year studies as well as a global impact study highlighting performance metrics across the board. The results reveal that students experience significant growth on high school state testing of 2-6 times—compared to the US […]

Global Impact Study

Students who used ChalkTalk improved their ACT scores by an average of 2.2 points–2x more than national average score improvement in only 29% of the time and improved their SAT scores by an average of 160 points–2.4x more than national average score improvement in only 27% of the time.