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Districts Using Chalktalk in High Schools See Jump Greater Than 2X on Test Scores. Chalktalk Expands to K-12, Sustains Gains.

BROOKLYN, NY / AUGUST 3, 2022 — ChalkTalk has just published its latest round of impact studies, featuring its first ever multi-year studies as well as a global impact study highlighting performance metrics across the board. The results reveal that students experience significant growth on high school state testing of 2-6 times—compared to the US […]

Leveling at ChalkTalk

Building the ChalkTalk Team A year and a half ago, ChalkTalk was made up of 5 people. Today ChalkTalk is made up of 50 amazing people. ChalkTalk helps educators connect deeply with their students—we power ELA and math instruction at some of the largest districts and individual schools across the nation, from New York to […]

Teacher to Tech: Tips for Teachers Moving into the EdTech Field

Author: Mackenzie Winkel (HR Manager) & Mohannad Arbaji (CEO) For my teachers out there looking to transition into the EdTech field: We recently interviewed a former teacher for a position here at ChalkTalk (a role we were asking for 3+ years of EdTech experience for). I wanted to share a few things she did that […]

Here’s to the Teachers

Through both my own education and by what I have observed as we developed and launched ChalkTalk, I’ve always known that teachers are the unsung heroes of our world. The last eight months spent adapting to the realities of COVID-19 have only confirmed that. Teachers have had to exert even more effort and are digging […]

Distance Learning: Reflecting on the Experience

With the challenges brought forth by COVID and uncertainties surrounding the next school year, educators are preparing for a Fall semester that might be composed of in-person instruction, distance learning, or both. During the past few months and looking forward to Fall 2020, teachers have been creative with building an online learning environment that mimics […]