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Here’s to the Teachers

Through both my own education and by what I have observed as we developed and launched ChalkTalk, I’ve always known that teachers are the unsung heroes of our world. The last eight months spent adapting to the realities of COVID-19 have only confirmed that. Teachers have had to exert even more effort and are digging […]

Distance Learning: Reflecting on the Experience

With the challenges brought forth by COVID and uncertainties surrounding the next school year, educators are preparing for a Fall semester that might be composed of in-person instruction, distance learning, or both. During the past few months and looking forward to Fall 2020, teachers have been creative with building an online learning environment that mimics […]

Andrew Cuomo & “Reimagining Education” in New York

Choosing Education as My Life’s Mission My father grew up in a refugee camp wearing underwear my grandmother sewed together from UN donation rice bags and using street lamps to study at night. Through education and scholarships, he became a physician and ultimately worked his way up to become the Secretary-General of Healthcare of Jordan. I […]

ChalkTalk’s Response to COVID-19 and the New Distance Learning Reality

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to swiftly evolve and reshape almost every aspect of our lives; schools, teachers, students, and parents are all facing enormous impacts. Here’s how I see things changing in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, and how ChalkTalk is planning to respond: Stage I – Ad-Hoc Enrichment: This is […]

Managing Instructional Time to Achieve Measurable Impacts

With so many demands on classroom time, preparing students for standardized testing is not the most rewarding way for teachers—or students—to spend limited instructional hours. But as the ACT and SAT move from individual efforts by college-bound students to state-mandated assessments for entire schools and districts, teachers and administrators are looking for ways to give […]