ChalkTalk Announces $1 Million in Grants for Council of Great City Schools

ChalkTalk Announces $1 Million in Grants for Council of Great City Schools

The grants provide high schools within the council the opportunity to use the platform at no cost to support summer school programs

BOSTON, MA / APRIL 23, 2019 — ChalkTalk announced today the introduction of a new grant program for high schools within the Council of Great City Schools. Valued at over a million dollars, the grant program provides council schools with the opportunity to use ChalkTalk in summer school courses to help students make significant improvements in their ELA and Math skills prior to the start of the upcoming school year.

Schools that wish to continue using ChalkTalk have the option to extend the grant through the 2019-2020 school year. “Based on the results we’re seeing, it’s clear that ChalkTalk can help inner city students in council schools do something pretty remarkable this summer,” said Mohannad Arbaji, founder & CEO of ChalkTalk. “Our customers in Boston, New York City, Phoenix, and Chicago have made huge gains with students, and we want to extend that success to more schools–to more students, particularly those who need to get caught up before fall.”

ChalkTalk provides summer school ELA and Math classes with a full curriculum that is adapted to the unique learning needs of each classroom, including: 

  • Lesson plans with state standards identifiers and descriptions
  • Presentation slides with walkthrough examples for whole-group instruction
  • Collaborative learning activities for small groups
  • Individual student tasks: Personalized practice and remediation

“During the school year, schools use ChalkTalk either as a supplemental curriculum for regular ELA and Math classes, for intervention courses, or for college prep courses,” said CEO, Mohannad Arbaji, “But, summer school is a perfect fit. It includes everything the teacher need for the full course, and it’s adapted for each specific classroom.” Unlike other blended-learning solutions which rely on self-paced learning, ChalkTalk is unique in that it’s based on the 4-step Gradual Release Model–a popular instructional model that is familiar with teachers: I do. We do. You do together. You do alone.

“We learned that most blended-learning solutions out there fail because they disrupt the way we learn best,” said Arbaji. “ChalkTalk is different because it puts the teacher at the center of everything and strengthens relationships. That’s why our engagement rate is so high. 80% of teachers who use ChalkTalk finish an astounding 90% of the lessons, and 76% of students complete at least 80% of all individual practice exercises.” Council schools interested in participating in the grant program can register on the company’s website at


ChalkTalk is a remarkable new content delivery platform that helps every teacher ‘teach amazing.’ Using fully-adaptive technology, ChalkTalk generates personalized curriculum for high school English Language Arts and Math classes that has shown to dramatically improve student learning outcomes, including state test scores, course grades, and college entrance exams.